By integrating the online sales feature into our website, our products become available throughout the country. Online sales of our products apply to Greece. Our products are shipped to the address you will indicate to us by courier company or by carrier. The customer upon completion of his order chooses the way in which he wishes the products to be sent to him.


For the shipment of our products, we cooperate with a courier company. Charges apply, which are borne by the consumer.

For the purchase of 1-2 bottles the order is charged with an additional cost of 3,00 €. For 2-6 bottles the order is charged with an additional cost of 4,50 €. For each bottle over six the charge is 1,50€ for each bottle. Shipments are made all over the country. For delivery to remote areas the shipping cost is additionally charged with the amount of 2,50 €.

By selecting to send the order by courier company, the ability to pay for the order by cash on delivery is activated. In this case, there is an additional charge of €1.50.

Please note that for the correct estimation of transport costs, the correct completion of the buyer’s address is required. It is absolutely necessary to enter  the Postal Code accurately, as this determines the differentiation of costing.

An estimate of the shipping cost of the order appears after entering the recipient’s address, while upon completion of the order the final charge amount is calculated.

Our company has the right to discontinue any promotion without prior notice. Orders that have been placed are executed normally after the end of the promotion

The above charges apply the charges of cash on delivery and remote destination, which are charged additionally.

The delivery of orders using the courier service to all addresses in Greece is done in 1-4 working days depending on the accessibility of the area.

Delivery times may vary if force majeure arises.


For the transportation of larger quantities, it is possible to ship the products with a transport company. This feature is activated automatically when the order exceeds one box (six bottles) of products and is selected by the buyer when placing the order.

In this case our company does not charge shipping costs. The cost of transporting the products is borne by the buyer and is paid by him upon receipt by the transport company of his choice.

In case your choice is to transport the products with a transport company, you are invited when registering your order, in the comments field of the relevant order form to enter the name and address of the transport company of your choice.

When the transport is made with a transport company, it is not possible to pay the cost of the order by cash on delivery.



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