About us

About us

In March 2013, the agronomist Torosidis N. Stathis, having already completed his Postgraduate Specialization in Oenology – Viticulture, installs the first parcel of the company with wine grape varieties in the settlement of Petinos in the Prefecture of Xanthi.

With plantings in 2017 and 2019, the first phase of the vine installation was completed.

Focusing on the cultivation of Greek varieties, Malagouzia, Vidiano and Limnio were selected as the main varieties of the holding. Very small area is occupied by the international varieties Chardonnay and Syrah.

From the year 2019 for the cultivation of the vine, the standard of Organic Agriculture is applied. The crop is under conversion and certification is expected within the 2022 wine year.

Since April 2021, the company’s products are available, with their vinification taking place in a winery in the area, as there is no privately owned facility.

Personal involvement with all stages of the production process allows the control of the final result. This fact provides the necessary forces for the continuation and development of the effort.

An ally in this journey is the scientific training and the long-term involvement in viticulture.