Our Vineyard

Our Vineyard

In recent decades, in the prefecture of Xanthi, with the dominant area of Avdira, serious efforts are underway by winemakers who managed to redefine the position of the area on the wine map of the country, producing excellent products.

In 2013 we installed in the farm of the settlement Petinos Xanthi, our first parcel with wine grape varieties.

The settlement, while administratively belonging to the Municipality of Avdira, is geographically only five kilometers from the city of Xanthi. This practically translates into a completely different vineyard site compared to the established Abdera, but also the rest of the wine-producing regions of the country.

Clearly, the choice of establishing our viticultural holding in this location is directly related to our origin from the region, but the differentiation of the region from the safe choices of viticulture in the country (altitude – sea), was the challenge.

From 2013 until today, when the first phase of the establishment of our vineyard has been completed, in the region it is, perhaps, the only professional viticultural holding, despite its extremely small size.

Malagouzia and Vidiano are the main varieties of our vineyard, followed by Limnio, while a very small area is occupied by Chardonnay and Syrah.

Private experimental winemaking , with minimal interventions and non-existent technological equipment have been the evidence and support our decision to communicate our effort to the public.

Starting from the year 2021, our first professional winemaking attempt is presented, as a result  of a long-term effort, scientific approach to the subject and exclusively personal involvement in all production stages.